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Search Engine Rankings

Successful Search Engine Marketing can bring both financial and spiritual rewards

Webyell have a 6 step route that will help you to achieving success with Search Engine Marketing
We work with you to build an SEM strategy that involves running a series of campaigns that individually may not make sense but when added together means that you both drive traffic to your web site and guide these people into some form of action, such as placing an order or joining your email list

The Webyell 6 step plan for higher Search Engine Rankings

1. Before you do anything do a reality check

A successful SEO strategy can bring a lot of reward but do not underestimate the amount of leg work required in bringing about this success.
Check out what your competitors have done to gain their success. If you want to join them at the top of the pile then you will have to cover similiar ground and you will also have to do it that little bit better

2. Build a solid technical foundation

If your current web site is inflexible then you are going to struggle from day 1.
Ideas, actions and strategies need to be implemented quickly otherwise motivation drops like a stone

Plan for a new website that works for you alongside your SEO/SEM planning.

3. Acquire the right skills

Learning about SEO on the fly is fine but having one campaign fail after another is very demotivating. Get help to ensure you will gain some early success.
Webyell can either prepare you so that you undertake all your own Search Engine work or we can offer substantial help to fastrack your success

4. Strategies

Plan a series of strategies and keep them simple. When SEM strategy planning you need to write for emotions. Get inside the head of your audience, feel their needs, wants and desires including passion and emotion in your headlines and copy. Sell security (social and relationship), independence, self-confidence, achievement and not what your product does.

Whether you are writing for your site, blog, email or social networking the consider the following simple steps each time

  • Awareness
    What feelings are you invoking in them when they read your headline? Are they interested or confused?
  • Headline
    immediately grab their attention and make them want to read more.
    Ask a question to provoke thought. How do they see your headline? Is it something that will help them fill a basic need or enrich their life in some way?
  • Alignment
    Align their need with your solution/product
    What basic need are you addressing in these people? Intrigue their interest and create curiosity before identifying your solution/product
  • Engagement
    Provide the details of your proposition
    How are you making their life better?
    What are your Unique Selling points?

Remember complexity demotivates, it makes people feel confused - and if they feel confused, they will think you are confused, and not worth listening to

5. Action - Call to action

What benefit will they realise by taking this step?
What specific action are you asking them to undertake? eg. Pick up the phone, order online or other

6. Monitor, analyse and adjust

Can you measure your individual strategies as a series of goals? We will help you set up an Analytics package
You will need to continually work on and improve each strategy. Put goals in place at the outset and measure against these goals

Do you need to start your SEM campaign soon. Either email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or freephone 01273 834506 for a no obligation conversation