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SEO Copywriting and Copy Editing

Without attention grabbing headlines and great content your website users will soon be leaving your site. Writing the website content is job to be done by Editors, Marketing and business people within your organisation not for technical people. Creative people may write great prose but they need to do that with one eye open to how the search engines will view their copy. For this reason Webyell offers SEO copywriting and SEO copy editing for all of our full-service SEO clients, as well as SEO copyediting training to other organisations

SEO Copy Simply Makes Sense

Search engines want to find the best, most relevant pages for their users - the searchers. SEO copy, when written by professional marketing copywriters will enhance your web pages ultimately increasing search engine rankings, conversions and sales.

To discover how your staff can improve their Copywriting and Copyediting eirher email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , enquire online or freephone 01273 834506 today for a no obligation discussion